A US Border Patrol agent Chris who accidentally shoots and kills the son of a mexican immigrant.

After the detention of a trailer truck carrying illegal immigrants goes wrong, a border patrol officer opens fire and ends up killing a little child. The officer will have to decide between his duty or the chance to help the mother that wants to say goodbye to her child.

Chris is a border patrol officer in the middle of the Arizona desert. In an operation to stop a trailer truck that is suspected to be carrying drugs, he stops the truck and interrogates the driver, but after asking him to get out of the vehicle, the driver tries to escape. Chris opens fire against the truck. Inside the trailer, they will discover that it was not drugs that they were trying to smuggle, but illegal immigrants. In open fire, one kid gets heavy injured. Leticia, the mother of the kid, pleads them to help her child. The immigrants are taken to a detention center. While watching Leticia been interrogated, behind a fake mirror, Chris knows that the kid died in the hospital. Leticia asks to see the body of her kid, but the officers tell her she can't leave the detention center. Chris goes back to the Detention Center and takes Leticia out.



Writer: Horacio Ramírez

Directed by: Rodrigo Zan

Produced by:  Nupur Mehra & Vatsa Barot

Director of Photography: Maria Quintana


Victor P. Alvarez, Kriss Dozal, Tony Garcia Mikaela Moody,

Donovan Farwell, Brian Cogley, Vanessa Arcia

Production Design: Nikki Bohm Editor:

Mairi Sõelsepp

Original Music: Gavin Brivik

Re-Recording and Score Mixer: Fernando Alanis

Re-Recording and Sound Effects: Diego Hevia

Re-Recording Mixer and Foley Artist: Chava Martínez

Re-Recording Mixer and Sound Effects Editor: Sebastian Sagastume

Foley Recordist: Kihun Moon

Colorist: Roy Sun

Archival Photography: Anne Sophia Gustafson