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"As Director Of Photography I have the duty to always put myself at the service of the story".
"I love to work with stories that touch the human side of this world and recognize the existence of the otherness in the society". 

Maria Quintana is a mexican cinematographer, currently based in Los Angeles. Maria has a background in communications and completed a master's degree in Cinematography at the New York Film Academy. Her passion for the music has lead her to be  a concert photographer and she has been collaborated with some major music magazines in Mexico and Los Angeles.  

She started her career in the film industry in Mexico as still photographer on mexican films, among these are: Qué Pena Tu Vida, Escuela Para Seductores and Sin Filtro. To further her career and passion for film and photography, Maria moved to Los Angeles to get her master's degree. She continues to work in the industry between Los Angeles and Mexico.

Maria's work ranges from narrative to commercials, documentaries to music videos. Her thesis film "Fenced" has won numerous awards in addition to world wide screenings at LA Shorts, Aesthetica Film Festival, Oaxaca Film Fest, Bronzelens Film Festival and more.  

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